Modern Style Batik Charm in Fashion 'Beauty & Beauty'

Modern Style Batik Charm at Fashion & Beauty Fashion ShowDock. Wolipop
Jakarta - Indonesian fabrics still (and will continue) to be the inspiration of the fashion people of the country to create a modern fashion with a traditional touch.

As did Alleira Batik, Kudus Batik Djarum Foundation and IKAT Indonesia in fashion show titled 'Fashion and Beauty'.

On Friday (02/24/2012), located at Main Atrium Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Central Jakarta, they showcase the latest collection of clothing that most of the main material using traditional fabrics such as batik and ikat. Like what collection?

Alleira Batik fashion house presents 15 designs consisting of 10 women's clothing and 5 menswear. Carrying the theme 'Spring Summer 2012 Metamorphosis', Alleira Batik collection this time inspired by the change of caterpillar into a cocoon then turned into a beautiful butterfly with colour sparkle colour.

One of the typical brands of  Batik Fabric clothing with gradation presents a modern vintage style decorated with bright colours.

The luxury and uniqueness of the design is demonstrated through the use of materials such as ATBM silk (Non-Machine Weaving Tool), habitat silk, primitive cotton and dobby cotton. Zakaria Hamzah, operational director of Alleira Batik said, "The collection is the latest collection of spring-summer 2012. The combination of batik cap and write this given price ranges from Rp 2 million to Rp 5.9 million".

Meanwhile, Djarum Cultural Appreciation with Galery Batik Kudus presents various creations of Batik Kudus by two young designer, Soko Wiyanto and Yogi Pratama. Both young designers are exhibiting the results of his work that combines traditional art with modern clothing.

Designer Yogi Pratama featuring 5 batik clothing with the theme 'The Glorious Era' which the majority of brown clothing with a combination of black material. The reason young designers use brown, so the impression batiknya still awake.

"Want to be as modern as any of his clothes, if the batik was not given see the original, it's still not stable. For the combination of fabric, I use two types of material that is batik itself and English lace with thick motifs," said Yogie to Wolipop.

Batik motif taken by Yogie, the majority of peacocks and butterflies because the motif is typical of Holy Batik. The price offered also ranges from Rp 2 million to Rp 6 million.

While Soko Wiyanto, showcased 5 batik clothing with the theme "Esthetique". He displays an oriental cocktail dress combined with materials and designs of the Holy Batik nuanced fauna.

Soko said, "My work was actually inspired from the drama film entitled Remember of Past Dream, the motif taken also the majority of peacock motifs".

According to Renitasari, the program director of Bakti Budaya-Djarum Foundation, "We want to consistently raise and continue to introduce Holy Batik in society so that its position as part of Batik Indonesia is not lost".

Another work that is not less beautiful is also served IKAT Indonesia, which cultivates the fabric into a cocktail dress and night. Through 15 new designs, IKAT Indonesia wants to lift the values ​​of Indonesian culture with a fashion presentation of national and international standards.

Fashion and Beauty fashion show is part of PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) Tbk's birthday celebration, which is themed BCA Anniversary Week. This year, BCA even reach the age of 55.