The eco-island project of Sumba in Indonesia

 The eco-friendly Sumba Island in Indonesia is a beauty to behold; magical waterfalls, low rugged limestone hills, beaches with pristine white sand and waves caressing the shores. But what if that's not even the best part? The stunning island is not your average island on the grid. Its preserved beauty is what truly makes it special, and the Eco-island project is what sets it apart!

This gorgeous island is located in the East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia and offers many wonders that are yet to be witnessed by the masses. The Indonesian government has huge plans to introduce this hidden island as the ‘green jewel’ to the world at large. The idea is to ensure that the island is powered by a hugely successful renewable energy plan that will target 100% renewable energy to power the island by 2025! Awe-inspiring? We think so too!

Sumba Iconic Island
This pilot project was launched in 2010 by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources and is prime aim is to ensure that renewable energy resources are accessed and harnessed to power this exotic island by 2025 with the help of international donors joining hands with the local government. Further financial assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank and the Norwegian and Dutch governments as well. This collective effort to ensure that this project is a success will genuinely revolutionize how tourism works. The project is currently in progress and if achieved, will deliver the aim of making Sumba the truly iconic and distinguishable island becoming the first eco-friendly island in Indonesia and certainly one of the few in the entire world. This project will be carried out through accessing renewable energy resources and methods such as Biogas, micro-hydro power plant, solar power plant, Solar Water Pumping, Wind turbine generator, Biomass and Energy-efficient furnaces that hold great potential for the island. As a result of these positive initiatives, Sumba properties and plots are increasing in value in a steady trend of sustainable growth. Presently, Sumba remains under-developed. Plots are sold by the hectare (1000m2) rather than by the ara (100m2) as on many of the other islands, as a result of the abundance of available land.

Effect on the local communities
The aim of sustainable development is one that aligns significantly with the increasing concern for the climate and the planet. Especially for the Sumbanese people, it will be a great win. The idea is to better the living standards and situation of the locals by eradicating poverty and ensuring that the economy boosted by the tourism will be used for that purpose correctly. Powering the island with clean energy will not only maintain the natural make-up of the island but also preserve the local customs and traditions of the people, unharmed by modern technology and harmful alternates to renewable energy.

Nihi Sumba Resort
Besides the initiatives taken by the local governments, hotels and resorts are also playing their part in ensuring that the island is clean and preserved. The Nihi Sumba Resort is an all-inclusive posh resort that has won various accolades, amongst which the most prized one in the award for being one of the most eco-friendly luxury hotels by the Kiwi Collection.

Together with the efforts of the local people, foreign donors, honest practices and safer habits, the people of the Sumba Island show laudable dedication to make their eco-island project a smashing success. Why not visit today to appreciate this stunning beauty yourself?